Strange Fish 2017

The Turn of the Screw


From the story by HENRY JAMES

Strange Fish 2018



In the tradition of Victorian fireside ghost stories, Strange Fish brings you Henry James' classic tale of suspense, horror and repressed sexuality.

Thurs 7 - Sat 9 December, 7.30 pm and Thurs 14 to Sat 16 December, 7.30 pm 2017

Omnibus Theatre, Clapham


Ruth Ollman

Nick Danan


Director  - James O'Donnell

Designed by - Paul Lloyd

Movement Director - Matthew Dunphy

Stage Management - Beth Pratt

Soundscape designed by - Jon McLeod

Lighting designer - Simon Gethin Thomas

Company photographer - Gaia Rossi

Artistic Director for Strange Fish - Nick Danan

Producer for Strange Fish - Paul Lloyd

Online content/Editor - Matt Dunphy

Those who helped Strange Fish with this production:

Philip Armstrong

Annie Brewer and all at the Jerwood space

Amy Corrigan

Keith Dunphy

Rachel Isaac

Lucy Jagger

Angela Marray

Dominique Moloney

Natasha McMurdie - ROH Costume

Cliona Roberts


A compelling tale of the search for resolution, Quietly examines the most human of choices. Is it always possible to forgive another, or are some actions too extreme to be absolved?

9th - 27 October 9.30pm 2018

Omnibus Theatre, Clapham


Matt Dunphy

Paul Lloyd

Nick Danan


Polish Woman – Claudia Shaw

Irish Woman – Laura Douglas

Irish Man – Ruairi Conaghan



Director - James O’Donnell

Designed by - Christopher Butler

Fight Director - Bret Yount 

Stage Manager – Beth Pratt

Sound designed by - Rachael Murray

Lighting Designer - Amy Daniels

Mural Artist - Jennifer Kelley

Company Photographer – Stephanie Claire

Artistic Director for Strange Fish - Nick Danan

Producer for Strange Fish - Paul Lloyd

Press - Angela Marray & Cliona Roberts

Online Content/Editor - Fiona Duffin

Those who helped Strange Fish with this production

Owen McCafferty,

U-Think PDP Charity,

Amy Corrigan, Dominique Moloney,

Edel Morgan, Paul Parfitt, Ruairi Conaghan,

Jayne McTaggart,

Patrick O’Sullivan – Mousetrap Foundation,

Olivia Sangster-Bullers,

Royal Opera House, Michael Hughes,

Distiller Pub - Hammersmith

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